Visual Arts

Take a walk through the halls of Leo Nickerson, and you will see how central the Visual Arts program is to the culture of the school. Whether it be our full-scale Arts Day in conjunction with Alberta Culture Days, our colourful Art Walk, or our inspirational Artist-in-Residence programs, it is clear that the Visual Arts programs are an important part of our school community.

Visual Arts curriculum is woven throughout the curriculum from Kindergarten to Grade 2, and is frequently linked with children’s literature, social studies and science curricular topics. Students experience painting, printmaking, sculpture and drawing skills in their home room classes.

In Grades 3 to 6, students venture up the stairs to our working art studio, where they are offered further opportunities to explore a multitude of visual arts skills. The building blocks from the earlier years are connected together, and expanded upon, as students begin to create a variety of multimedia projects. Students begin to work independently and collaboratively to create art using multiple skills and a variety of media. Works of the Masters are woven throughout the Grade 3 – 6 visual arts program, and many of the lessons include a focused study of specific master artists, ranging from internationally renowned Leonardo da Vinci and Pablo Picasso, to Canadians Emily Carr and Maud Lewis. This integration of art history allows the students to make broader connections with history, geography and world cultures. Grade 3 – 6 students are offered multiple opportunities to participate in art exhibitions, contests and charitable events, which reminds our students the value of art within our broader community.