Physical Education

We believe in the whole child. We believe that each child is a transportation device for a unique brain. Our job is to teach them the skills necessary to treat life like an ATHLETIC EVENT, not a spectator sport – to enjoy their brain buggy! Every child is encouraged to participate and to learn and/or enhance the skills they already possess. At Leo Nickerson our high-powered Physical Education program is based on skill before score.

PE program: @LeoNickersonPE

Meet your P.E. Teachers

Mr. Wilson

Mr. Wilson is your P.E. teacher. His passion is ACTIVITY! You can find him at the pool, on his bike, snowboarding, or anywhere else where your heart beats faster and smiles grow wider.

Mr. Wilson is the former president of Health and Physical Education in Alberta and currently serves as the professional development executive for the St. Albert Physical Education Council.

“I don’t teach physical education. I only try to create a situation where kids can learn the skills they will use to stay active for life!”

– Mr. Wilson

Mr. Wilson: @PhysEdGuy

Mr. Cheung

Mr. Cheung inspires enthusiasm and confidence through physical education. He always finds time to play and stay active whether it be running, badminton, or enjoying the sun with a game of golf.

“Sweat hard, play hard, there are no limits.”

– Mr. Cheung

M. Boisvert

Being physically active is a part of M. Boisvert’s everyday life.  He enjoys walking, running, as well as biking and swimming with his kids!  His favourite sport is basketball.

M. Boisvert has experience as a P.E Teacher as well as a School Health Facilitator with the Alberta Project Promoting Active Living and Healthy Eating.

“I believe strongly in making PE an enjoyable experience for each and every student and hope to help them develop a lifelong love of physical activity.”

– M. Boisvert

Mme Pigeon

Mme Pigeon loves to get kids up and moving and she especially loves to get up and moving with her kids.  Her goal is to set her students up to be physically active for life.

Mme Pigeon is passionate about being a karate instructor.  She also has experience instructing rock climbing, snowboarding and as assistant coach of a rowing team.

“I want to keep learning and be a better Physical Education teacher!”

– Mme Pigeon