School Registration

Our district registration form is available here, along with other important registration information.

If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about École Leo Nickerson School, please email, or call 780.459.4426.

School Transportation

Information on bussing and bus registration is available here.

School Fees 2018-2019

Kindergarten Fees:

Kindergarten fees include swimming lessons, special projects & activities, and field trips: $278
Full-time kindergarten: $320 per month, plus $20 (additional activities)

Grade 1-6 Fees:

Grade 1-6 fees include agenda, blue communication bag, swimming lessons (if applicable), special projects & activities, and field trips:
Grade 1: $124
Grade 2: $153
Grade 3: $156
Grade 4: $145
Grade 5: $160
Grade 6: $200

Additional Fees:

Annual Lunch Room Supervision: $60 (grades 1-6)
Logos program: $20 (additional activities)
Recorder: $7 (grade 3 student music curriculum)
Book replacement fee: $10 per book up to a max. of $50 per year

Sales & Optional Fees:

Grade 4-6 Ski Club: 3 bookings, up to $140 depending on optional participation requirements
Grade 5-6 Space Camp & Tri City Tour (not applicable for 2018-2019)
Grade 6 Final Art projects: up to $20
Grade 6 Bamfield Marine Sciences Camp: up to $1785
NSF Cheque fee: $5 per occurrence
School clothing: $5-$40 (for example, Triathlon t-shirt $5, school ball cap $15)
We Day food: up to $10

School and Course Fees:

Some courses and options have associated fees, as they require specialized equipment or experiences which are not covered by provincial funding.  Click here for a detailed fee report for Leo Nickerson School in 2018-2019.  In accordance with the School Fees and Costs Regulations 5(2)(a) and (b) the process for the consultation with parents was a presentation at the April 23, 2018 parent council meeting.