Logos Christian Program

Logos, a Christian alternative program within the public school system, delivers the Alberta Program of Studies in a spiritually nurturing, academically challenging, and disciplined Christian light.

The Logos program promotes the Love of God and the teachings of Christ within a non-denominational framework. Themes and curriculum are bible based. Instructional materials are selected to fit program beliefs and are practical, effective, and consistent with Christian principles. Teachers are practicing Christians who freely share their Love for God, the teachings of Jesus Christ and his gospel message with their students.

It is within the Logos program that students, taught in a spiritually nurturing, intellectually challenging and disciplined environment, acquire the knowledge, attitudes, skills and training necessary to seek after, “whatsoever things are true”. (Philippians 4:8) That, sustained by Christ’s teaching and God’s Love, students may develop binding commitments to their families, neighbours, local community, country and the global community while leading moral, healthy and productive lives.

The Logos Christian program values a sense of community within our own program as well. Families are welcome to attend monthly Praise Services held during school hours and the evening services at Christmas and Easter.  All Logos families in the district are invited to come together in fellowship at the Logos Potluck Dinner and Year End BBQ.  

All Logos students, kindergarten to grade 9, will be moving to Joseph M. Demko School when construction is finished.  For more information, click here.